The WSET Level 3 Certificate in wine is one of the most enduring and popular courses in wine education. Level 3 has been part of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) curriculum for over 50 years and is respected and by every profession in the wine industry:  sommeliers, retailers, importers, distributors, producers, and wine writers.  It is the perfect course for a wine professional or someone looking to join the industry.  It is also ideal for consumers who want a deeper dive into what is driving today’s wine styles.

The beauty of the WSET Level 3 program is that it has continued to evolve as consumer tastes, climates, technology, and trends have changed.  The course provides a deep and broad foundation on what drives production decisions – natural factors and human choices – that ultimately result in specific styles.  In doing so it delves into every major wine region and in the last 20 years that means greater attention to wines produced outside of Europe.

WSET Level 3 also focuses on tasting a huge range of wines –from global locations, price points and volume levels.  The aim is to help identify the objective elements that define quality, while also understanding through a tasting experience how natural and human factors manifest themselves in the glass.

For individuals studying to be a sommelier, WSET Level 3 provides the theory needed to be confident about wine facts and make the most out of food and wine pairings.  For anyone else in the industry that same confidence allows them to make better decisions and have substantive conversations with colleagues, producers, or consumers.

WSET Level 3 also attracts consumers who have a love of wine, food and culture because it goes beyond surface facts and really focuses in on how and why wines differ from each other.  The level of knowledge that one has after taking Level 3 is something that will last and develop for a lifetime.

For all these reasons and more WSET Level 3 is the perfect course for anyone with a desire to work in or just better enjoy wine.  You can see the next WSET Level 3 offerings at Grape Experience by clicking on this link: