The proliferation of streaming services available to everyone has certainly expanded the way we can learn about wine.  Just searching for a wine type, wine region, winemaker or brand will bring up a number of options.  We can add on top of that searches for advice in wine careers or the process of grape growing and winemaking.  The number of channels is seemingly endless!

Given all options, I have a few favorite You Tube/content channels and suggestions for how to navigate all the content that is available.

WSET Bitesize –

This is a channel developed by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust to give people short spurts of information on a wide range of wine topics.  Because it is from WSET you know that it is accurate and not just some random blogger’s idea of what is correct.  The short format makes it easy to watch and remember and the production value is really good.

True Wine –

If I have a personal favorite YouTube wine channel this is it. Kyle Billings makes wine easy to understand especially at the most technical levels.  His approach and style are clear, friendly and he demystifies wine.  If you are beyond the beginner stage this is the channel for you.  That said, even beginners will benefit and love True Wine and Kyle’s approach.  From Champagne to Australia to passing WSET exams to picking out wedding wines, Kyle covers it all.  This channel is like talking to a friend who really knows their stuff and will make you excited to learn more.

Wine Masters –

This channel often goes on site to speak with winemakers or taste wines.  There are several hosts, one of whom, Christy Canterbury MW is a personal friend.  What I like about Wine Masters is that you never know what you are going to get, and it is always at least interesting.

Jancis Robinson –

Jancis is the Dean of wine experts in my mind and someone who I admire beyond words.  She was the first female Master of Wine and writes on Wine for the Financial Times.  Her web site is a compendium of articles, reviews and a literal encyclopedia of everything in the wine world.  Jancis is one of the most respected wine professionals in world and her selection of videos – many over 10-15 minutes in length – are invaluable.

Of course, just putting a wine subject into the search box at YouTube will bring up many more channels and content.  Some of these will be great and others you can take with “a grain of salt.” I recommend using the search function if you have a specific subject or process that you are interested in.  See what comes up and then check out the channels above and see if they also have something about that subject.  The more you explore the more you will learn what content is accurate and what is exaggerated of incorrect.

The important thing is to have fun with all of this.  Wine videos can become addictive.  Keep exploring, tasting and never ever be intimidated. Wine should always be first and foremost about fun.