The holiday season is here and if you are wondering what to give the people in your life who are into wine or those people who are just lovers of food, wine and culture we have some ideas.  A wine class is always a fun experience for someone who just wants to experience wine at a deeper level.  But for many people that might be too big a leap so how about a bottle of wine from somewhere unexpected?

Wine Classes
There are so many classes available out there and if there was anything good coming out of the pandemic it was the emergence of a wide array of courses that can be taken remotely.  At Grape Experience we offer WSET Level 1 Wine and Level 2 Wine (along with Sake Level 1) in a hybrid format.  For these two beginner wine courses participants get free tasting kits and several live online class sessions.  These live sessions are also recorded so if you miss the live class you can watch it on your own schedule.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 are fun beginner courses.  They look at the major styles of wines and how they differ throughout the world.  Partcipants come out with greater knowledge and confidence about choosing wines and how to pair them with food.

Purchasing a Gift Bottle
A gift of a bottle of wine is always appreciated but to make it not just something ordinary there are many things you can do:

  • Find a region that may be unusual: The country of Georgia, Greece, Uruguay, Corsica, Israel, Tasmania are all possibilities.
  • Find a know style of variety from an unexpected place: English Sparkling Wine, Alsation or German Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo from Virginia, Cabernet Franc from New York all come to mind
  • Purchase a style that the recipient might not but for themselves such as sweet wines from Tokaji in Hungary, White Port or Sparkling Shiraz from Australia.

They key is to be creative here so that the person gets something that is memorable.

There are so many options for anyone who is interested in food, wine, pop culture or just understanding trends in each of these areas.  Have fun with your gift choices!