Two and a half years ago COVID 19 changed our world.  Wine Education was particularly rocked by the virus that, at first, prevented classes from meeting in person.  Although that shock to our education system was difficult, it has actually resulted in significant improvements, particularly at Grape Experience.  COVID encouraged us to find new technology to deliver wine education and new methods to provide tasting samples.  Although we are now back to in person courses, Grape Experience has incorporated the learnings over the last 30 months to radically improve our overall WSET wine, spirit, and sake education.

Incorporating Zoom

Zoom is now a part of every Grape Experience WSET Level.  Regardless of whether you are taking a course via the WSET self-directed Online Classroom or through a Grape Experience run program, you have access to Zoom-based real-time and recorded lectures.  This allows us to connect in virtual-person and make sure key concepts are understood.  It also allows Grape Experience to highlight key success factors to passing WSET exams.  The result is an extra layer of wine education that gives students confidence they are mastering concepts and building knowledge.

A New Grape Experience Proprietary Online Platform

The technology that enables Zoom led us, in collaboration with our partners at Cambridge’s Commonwealth Wine School, to establish a proprietary study support online platform.  All WSET Level 1, 2 and 3 and Diploma students now have access to a unique site where they can watch recorded theory lectures and gain access to quizzes and short answer exam sample questions.  They can access the site whenever and wherever they choose.  A missed wine class session in no longer a major issue since the student can view it at any time – or if they attended the class, re-visit the lecture to confirm their understanding of the material. The new platform also provides the student a single source for special offers and access to a wealth of study materials.

Wine Samples Delivered to Your Door
We have partnered with both Master of the World and to provide a means for getting tasting samples for Online courses and enhancing the tastings of in person WSET classes.  Select Online Zoom classes now come with free 187ML size tasting samples sent directly to their home or office.  All students, regardless of class format, now have access to a discounted curated set of wines through for each WSET Level 1-3.  Students can purchase the entire set of wines for the Level or just individual wines.

The result of COVID 19 on Grape Experience Wine & Spirit School education has been innovation that better prepares and empowers wine professionals and enthusiasts.  Our WSET classes are now more dynamic than ever, and we will continue to find new ways of making the wine education experience even better!