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Custom WSET courses and tasting events

Wine Workshops – Corporate and Industry Training

In addition to our WSET-certified courses for working professionals, Grape Experience Wine & Spirit School frequently works with corporate partners, small businesses, restaurants, and wine retailers, importers, and distributors to develop custom WSET courses and tasting events We can become an extension of your human resource department for staff development or, for non-wine businesses, plan team building tastings you won’t soon forget.




Grape Experience works with a number of industry partners—from restaurants and hotels to wholesalers, retailers, and vineyards—to train staff on the latest trends in wine and spirits.  Our uniquely-tailored workshops can provide up-to-date analysis and industry analytics, help venues refresh your current offerings, and ensure that consumer-facing staff have the knowledge and language to impress customers.  We’re also happy to offer customized versions of our regular course offerings directly to your team, providing exceptional on-the-job training that can boost your staff’s productivity and prestige.




Whether you’re looking to entertain clients or want to build team morale in any industry, Grape Experience can design an engaging and entertaining wine tasting event that gets people talking, interacting, and laughing with each other.  You and your colleagues can relax and enjoy sipping fine wines, all while learning new techniques for tasting and talking about your experience, with discussions on wine regions, grape varieties, and flavor palates.  We’ll work with you to meet your goals and are happy to manage the entire event or work with a venue of your choice to make the tasting a huge success.  We are certain your clients and staff will remember this unique experience for a long time and you’ll reap relationship rewards well into the future. Contact for more information.