WSET Level 2 Courses: San Francisco, Boston & Online

We offer two different introductory WSET courses.  Our Level 1: Foundations and Level 2: Intermediate programs are open to anyone—no experience necessary—and are  great starting points whether you’re seeking a career change or promotion, or simply want to deepen your wine knowledge. Note that you do not need to take Level 1 to take Level 2—in fact, for those looking for a serious wine class, we generally recommend starting with Level 2.

Level 2 WINE & SPIRITS: OUR Recommended starting Place

The WSET Level 2 certificate is the best starting point for people who have an understanding of the basics of wine. The Level 2 course is appropriate for anyone who works in wine, wants a career in the industry, or has a serious interest and wants to deepen their wine knowledge and become a more confident taster.  Don’t be confused by its name: though it’s called Level 2, this course is geared towards people just starting their wine education. It offers greater depth of material, tasting opportunities, and additional classroom hours compared to Level 1. If you know the basic wine grapes—that Chardonnay is a white wine and Cabernet Sauvignon is usually red—then Level 2 is the place to start.

Whats Covered

The Level 2 course focuses on how to systematically taste wine, as well as the factors that influence style, quality, and price.  We’ll also go into depth on the world’s major grape varieties and types of wine, including white and black grape varieties, sparkling wines, sweet wines, spirits, and liqueurs.  

At the end of the course, you’ll complete a 50-question multiple-choice exam, and upon passing will receive a Level 2 WSET certificate.

Classroom Courses

Level 2 covers the wines and spirits of the world in 8 classes (held either weekly or over the course of 3-4 days). Wine tasting is a part of every session with more than 40 wines tasted during the course.

Online Courses

The Level 2 online course follows a 5-week program consisting of a series of online activities. An online tutor runs the WSET online classroom to guide students. Each week covers a new topic and students can log in whenever they want during the week (there are set start and finish dates for each week, but no set class time). Tasting activities (to be done on the student’s own) are also provided to familiarize students with a systemic approach to tasting at an intermediate level.  When the course is over, students arrange with Grape Experience to take the exam in person.

The Level 2 course includes a complete study pack with an exclusive proprietary textbook and study workbook.

Upcoming Classes:

San Francisco - Weeknights
6 Mondays starting
September 18, 2017 (excluding holidays)
Holiday Inn, 1500 Van Ness Ave San Francisco
Cost: $800

Boston - Weeknights
9 Mondays starting September18, 2017
(excluding holidays)
Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE),
122 Arlington St.
Total Cost: $830

New Classes begin
September 9
October 21
Cost: $645
Registration closes 2 weeks prior to course start date

Level 1: Foundations

WSET Level 1 course is a true beginner’s overview of wine.  

Boston - Weeknights
3 Mondays starting December 4, 2017
Taste Wine Bar,
101 Summer St.
Total Cost: $330