Level 1: Wine


Level 1: Wine


Level 1: Boston - Weeknights
3 Mondays starting December 4, 2017
Taste Wine Bar,
101 Summer St.
Total Cost: $330

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Level 1: Foundations

The WSET Level 1 course offers a true beginner’s overview of wine, and is geared to anyone with an interest in wine for personal enjoyment or launching a professional career.  It’s a particularly good starting point for people just beginning to work in restaurants, hospitality, or retail.  Level 1 is a fun way to get up to speed on what wine is and how it differs by style. 

What’s Covered

The Level 1 course provides a systematized way of learning about and tasting wine, focusing on knowledge that is practical, hands-on, and designed to build a foundation for future exploration. The course will introduce you to basics of wine, broad different styles, simple storage and service rules, and easy techniques for pairing wine with a range of foods. 

At the end of the course, you’ll complete a short, multiple-choice exam, and upon passing, will receive a Level 1 WSET certificate.

This course comes with a proprietary WSET wine workbook.

Please note: this course is not currently offered online.