Level 3: Sake


Level 3: Sake

from 1,250.00

San Francisco - Fall 2017
October 1-2 from 9AM-5PM (Sunday & Monday)
Exam October 2 from 5:30PM-8PM
Takara Sake 708 Addison St, Berkeley, CA
Cost: $1,200
Register by September14, 2017

San Francisco - Winter 2018

March 10-11 from 9AM-5PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Exam March 11 from 5:30PM-8PM
Takara Sake 708 Addison St, Berkeley, CA
Cost: $1,250
Register by February 20

Combination with Level 1 on June 4:  $1575
Register by May 20, 2017


Boston - Fall 2017

October 21-22 from 9AM-5PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Exam October 22 from 5:30PM-8PM
Pabu Izakaya, Millennium Tower, Franklin Street, Boston
Cost: $1,250
Register by October 1, 2017

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This fascinating and diverse beverage category is as interesting and complex to study as any wine or spirit and will enhance knowledge of the world of alcoholic beverages available to consumers. 

Whats Covered

Students attending this course will learn about the various production methods and their impact on style, quality, and price. Students will also taste a wide range of styles to reinforce their learning, build their tasting skills, and ability to assess Sake. This course combines classroom and online study.

There is no prior learning in the subject required to enter the program, however, students will be required to complete a monitored online study program which will begin two weeks before attending the classroom based element of the course. All the study materials for this course are available online.

The WSET Level 3 in Sake examination is in two parts: a blind tasting of 2 sakes and a written theory examination. Both parts require a pass grade in order to be awarded the Level 3 Award in Sake. The examination duration is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The Level 3 Sake course includes a complete study pack with an exclusive textbook and study workbook.